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The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, 2010 collection Pro Artibus

Each era has wonders typical for its time.
The first moving images were miraculous for those who experienced them. I had my first experience in the world of illusions in my youth. My brother died in a car accident and my family found comfort in spiritualistic séances. Through this sort of humbug we got him back for a moment.
In the winter of 2008 I went to the abandoned poorhouse that is situated close to my childhood home.

My brother had been the one who had shown me the fascinating ghost house and it became a site for play and adventures. As I now looked in through one of the windows in the outhouses, a totally new world appeared to me. The story of a dead magician and a part of Finnish circus history was to be found amid junk and scraps, pigment and dust.
This project brings some forgotten stories and perishable objects back to life for a short moment.