March 2021

After being nominated to the National Competion for films under 30 minutes at Tampere film festival 2021, Ellipsis was awarded the Risto Jarva-Prize, by the Finnish Film foundation among the movies in both series under and over 30 minutes .

I am honoured and thankful!

The Risto Jarva Prize seeks to find fresh new ideas and thoughts in Finnish film, celebrating originality and unique vision. The jury was delighted to discover a film in the domestic competition that exemplifies these criteria.

At the start of the film, a flimsy screen hangs like a veil in the forest, and we are reminded that a screen not only acts as a surface to be projected upon, but also hides what lies beyond. 

Through a series of overlapping stories, both meditative and disturbing, the film’s rich language and evocative imagery draws us in. We become hooked on the ebb and flow of images and stories as we are taken on a journey from the forests of East Helsinki to the meat-packing stockyards of Chicago. 

Slowly, between what is said and not said, between what is seen and not seen, we start to connect the dots, and get a glimpse of what lies behind the veil.

Quote by the Risto Jarva-Prize jury 2021.

January 2021

The short film Ellipsis was chosen to DocPoint Festival 2021 and will be screened as a part of the series New Experimental Shorts from Finland .

The festival’s online screenings take place on an online platform, which will open on Friday, Jan 22, when ticket sales also start. Most films in the programme will be available online throughout the festival 29.1.–7.2.

November 2020


In November the project Déplacer l’horizon/Moving the Horizon will take part in the Manifesta 13 program Les Parallèles du Sud at in Centre Photographique Marseille, France.

I am happy to screen the new piece Ellipsis at the exhibition.

The cooperation between nine artists from Finland, France and Morocco started in 2019 and continues with exhibitions, screenings and publications.

May 2020

My upcoming solo exhibition at Galleria Huuto IV in Helsinki was postponed to May 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ellipsis is the new piece that was made for the exhibition.

January 2020

I am delighted to be part of this exhibition Land Beyond the Sea that opens the 24th of January 2020 in the Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland. The exhibition is curated By Juha-Heikki Tihinen from the Pro Artibus foundation, and I will show the film Oblivion, -O Blif Igen!  from 2015 that was part of the exhibition Heading West, Coming Back that first was shown in Muu galleria in Helsinki, and later in Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art during the summer 2017. Dividual individual II 17.11.2017-7.1.2018.   Dreams, Ghosts / Marjo Levlin solo exhibition PALJON ONNEA /Summer exhibition of Contemporary Art

Huvin Vuoksi

Norpas festival 2015


Of Place and Presence Nine Contemporary Artists from Finland

Supermarket 2015