Marjo Levlin_foto Rauno Oksman

photo by Rauno Oksman

Born 1966 in Graz, Austria

Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


“My artistic work often deals with collected or found objects.

These items can raise visions and questions and lead to a process of research, contemplation, daydreaming, reflection or simply play the role as materia or inspiration for my projects. I deal with personal and universal matters and history, reflecting life and phenomena around us, dealing with both social and political topics in an indicating, subtle mode.
Lately I have also used the matter of chance as a working tool, which has lead to opening up surprising and new worlds.

I enjoy keeping myself free to work in different media, letting the matter of subject affect the visual direction that I come to use. The process of finding visual and material solutions for these questions is an important part of my work.
I started my carrier as a painter but during the last ten years I have mostly worked with installations and short films.”

PRINTABLE CV:  CV_Marjo Levlin_Eng_2020


2008-10   MA, department of time & space, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

1992-96    Taidekoulu Maa, professional level

1990-91    Vapaa Taidekoulu, basic level

1986-88   Steinerseminariet, Sweden, art studies

1985-86   VNF, Karis basic art studies

1985         Matriculation Exam, Petalax gymnasium


2020 Upcoming: Galleria Huuto: Video installation

2018  Galleri Sinne: Dividual Individual 5-channel video installation

2017  Turku art museum/Darkroom: Dividual Individual 2-channel HD-installation

2017  KUNTSI Vaasa: Dreams, Ghosts

2015  Mediaboxi: Fängelsemammans Vaggvisa, short film

2015  Norpas festival: Heading West, Coming Back: Oblivion shortfilm, installation

2015   MUU Galleria: Oblivion shortfilm, installation

2014   Renlund museo Kokkola: The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video(Pro Artibus)

2014   Brinkkalan ullakkogalleria, Turku: The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video(Pro Artibus)

2013   Loviisa city museum, Loviisa: The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video(Pro Artibus)

2012   Galleri Elverket, Ekenäs: The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video(Pro Artibus)

2011   Theatre Museum, Helsinki: The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video

2011   Suomesta galleria, Berlin, Germany: installation

2010   Academy of Fine Arts gallery, Helsinki, The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video

2007   Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki: installation “ Tapetilla”

2005   Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki: installation and video

2004   Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk Belarus: installation

2004   Museum of Contemporary Visual Arts, Minsk Belarus: installation

2001   Galleria Johan S, Helsingfors: paintings

2000  Galleria Johan S, Helsingfors: installation, paintings

1996   Poriginal Galleria, Björneborg: paintings


2020  Nordic House, Iceland, Land Beyond The Sea, Oblivion short film

2019  Deplacer Horizon/ Moving the Horizon Marseille, France/ Helsinki, Finland/ Rabat, Morocco: video works

2018  Odetta@ M. David Studio, New York, USA: video

2018  Huuto uuH, Galleria Huuto, Eerikinkatu: video

2018  Supermarket Art fair, Stockholm : video

2017   Arcticum, Rovaniemi, Näkyvä Maa: Oblivion short film

2016  Villa Roosa, Paljon Onnea summer exhibition: Heading West, Coming back installation

2015 -16  Art Couture, Gislaved Konsthall

2015  Valtio+, Former Turku county jail Kakola, Turku: Birdcage installation

2015  Sinkka, Kerava: Huvin vuoksi: installation, video

2015  Supermarket Art Fair, Tukholma(Muu galleria): installation

2014   Rauman Taidemuseo Sirkus Pinnala: video

2014   Kunstschlager, Reykjavik Islanti, Meanwhile Elsewhere: video installation

2014   Art Couture, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm: installation

2014   Art Couture, Galleria Huuto, Busholmen: installation

2013   Sirkustarinoita, Helsinki city art museum : installation

2013   Mäntän kuvataideviikot, curator Jyrki Siukonen: installation

2012   Swanljung collection Kuntsi, Vasa: installation

2012  Aaargh! 10 years later, 10th anniversary exhibition: video

2012  Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm: video

2911-12  Reflective Shadow, Ordupgard Museum, Danmark, curator Leevi Haapala: video

2010   Kuva Spring FAFA gallery: video

2009   Kaiku galleria, Helsinki, The Searchers of Life: video

2009   Galleria Fafa, Helsinki, New Masters show: installation

2009   HUUTOurism, Forja Arte Valencia, Spanien: installation

2008   Reflections, Kuntsi Art museum, Vaasa: video

2008   HUUTOKAUPPA, galleria Huuto, Helsinki: photographs

2008  HUUTOurism, Karasjok Norge: installation

2007   OPEN Annantalo arts center, Helsinki: paintings

2007   La Sala Naranja Valencia, Spain: video

2005  Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki: paintings

2005   SKJL annual exhibition Porvoo:installation and video


2019  Le Cube Gallery, Rabat, Morocco, video

2019  Night of the Arts, Helsinki, Lapinlahti: Performance: Flamboyant &      Art Couture

2016  Signes de Nuit, Paris: The Prisoner Mother’s Lullaby

2016  Ekenäs Filmfest: Oblivion

2015  Signes de Nuit, Paris, Norpas festival, Taalintehdas: Oblivion

2013   Ekenäs filmfest: SUR l’eau REAL

2010   Kettupäivät short film festival: The Shadow of the Magician

2010   LOOP festival Barcelona, Espanja: screening

2008   Lens Politica elokuvafestivaali, Helsinki: screening

2008   Konstrundan, Helsinki

2003   International workshop in Lithuania

2002   Cover picture for magazine Astra Nova

1998   Wallpaintings salon Luxor City, Helsinki


2017  Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

2012   Stiftelsen Pro Artibus, The Humbug Tent and the Black Cabinet, installation and video

2006   Swanljung collection

2003   Saulius Kruopis Nidos Magia collection

2000   Stiftelsen Pro Artibus

2000   The City of Vasa, Culturum VÖS


2013   The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

2011   Suomesta Galleria, Berlin, Germany

2010   Utö


2010-   Muu ry

2005-   Mehiläispesä ry / Galleria Huuto

2012-   AV-Arkki

1998-2010   Painters union